Team Darby
2005 Berks County Heartwalk
September 10, 2005

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2005 Berks County Heart Walk
Under a clear blue sky and warm sunshine, the members of Team Darby gathered behind the offices of Arrow International for the kickoff of the 2005 Berks County Heart Walk.  This year's Team Darby tent featured a new full-color team banner courtesy of Media Fusion Technologies, and the delicious and aromatic End of Summer Blend coffee freshly brewed at Max Crema’s Espresso and Coffee Bar.  Also new this year were Team Darby tee shirts featuring the artwork of Darby herself and the logos of the generous organizations sponsoring Team Darby.

At 9:30 AM, Darby and friends started off on the three mile walk between the Arrow International campus and Gring's Mill Recreation Area.  The turnaround point at Gring's Mill provided everyone a brief rest stop with cool bottled water courtesy of National Penn Bank along with fresh fruit for a quick and refreshing pick-me-up. The completion of the walk returned everyone to Arrow International to enjoy Subway sandwiches and other snacks.  The Reading Phillies mascot, Screwball, was on hand to congratulate the walkers and celebrate the day.  Undaunted by their morning's three mile trek, the teens of Team Darby enjoyed dancing to the tunes of the DJ as another successful heart walk came to a conclusion in Berks County.