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2005 Team Darby's Heart Fest
The first Team Darby Heart Fest took place on Saturday, August 6, 2005 at Max Crema's espresso and coffee bar. A fun day was had by all we enjoyed live music courtesy of the Acoustic Roadshow and found fun ways to sponsor Team Darby in the upcoming Berks County Heart Walk.

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Several days before the Heart Fest, Devan and Darby (and Ella, too!) worked each night making Team Darby badges.


Setup for the Heart Fest began early Friday morning with a trip over to Quakertown to visit Universal Fabric Structures to pick up the tent.  As you can see from the frame and the flooring, this wasn't just any tent!  Our thanks for Dan at A-1 Towing for not only providing all the truck transportation for our event, but also begin there to load and unload all the materials for the tent (and load and unload again on Saturday night!).

Mike from Universal Fabric Structures was our crew chief during the assembly process.  (Ask him what his real job is the next time you see him!)

After the flooring was assembled, it was time to anchor the structure to the parking lot.


Wow, that's some drill.

Here's the two arches of the structure after assembly.

All we needed was a few good men to raise them.

Sort of looks like a barn raising, doesn't it?



Scott L. and Keyur temporarily anchor the arch until we raise the other one.

Here's Keyur with Scott T.

Brian, Scott, Mike, and Mike

Ready to raise the second arch.

Mike attaches the purlins.

Pete ensures that arch remains securely tied.

Brian working the purlins.

Brian and Scott tag teaming the purlin bar

Time for the roof!

Set up is complete!

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